Mostafa Amin is the CEO and co-founder of Breadfast, an Egyptian food delivery startup which recently raised $26 million Series A funding round co-led by Vostok New Ventures and Endure Capital, along with JAM Fund, YC Continuity Fund, Shorooq Partners, 4FX Ventures and Flexport. A serial entrepreneur, Mostafa previously co-founded Wassel, a self-titled Crunchbase of the Middle East, and Egyptian Streets, one of Egypt’s most popular English publications by reach.

What’s the biggest tech opportunity in Egypt that’s often overlooked?

Everything that’s B2C [business to consumer] infrastructure. For example, utilities, digital health, and the cash part of the financial services. Also, enterprise tech is very overlooked meanwhile it has huge potential for local solutions. 

What trends in the grocery delivery market excite you?

The global grocery delivery market has been focusing on the ultimate customer experience, and all players have been constantly trying to outperform one another. Offerings of better quality, faster delivery, fresher products, better price deals etc. Isn’t it exciting to order your salad ingredients and receive it in seven or ten minutes if you live in a busy city? The question here: is this sustainable? We want to make sure we sustain the customer happiness and the business model at the same time. 

What advantage do cloud kitchens offer Breadfast’s business model?

Cloud kitchens might help us decentralize a portion of our operations. Currently, we bake a lot of products ourselves to ensure the best and most consistent quality possible. We’ve developed our own technology to [be] decentralize[d], but [it’s] still under the testing phase. 

How are you preparing your company for the end of the pandemic?

We believe that the end of the pandemic will come with fewer restrictions that will help us accelerate our regional expansion to sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East. Therefore, we are currently studying in detail the few target markets that we plan on penetrating in the next few months. In addition, we are training the team that will fly out to launch our operations in these markets in the coming weeks.

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