The Argentina-based social investor is best-known as the woman who got the pope on Twitter. More recently, she has thrown herself into supporting socially conscious entrepreneurs and is a one-woman check and balance​ on tech’s notoriously male-heavy environment.

What was the most important decision of your career? 

Trusting my gut to start a nonprofit in Kenya in 2006. Doing that led to me joining Twitter as a user, which led to me joining Twitter as an employee in 2009, which led to me investing and all that followed.

What’s the most common misconception about investing in Latam?

That it’s hard to do. Typically, you are investing in Delaware C-corps​ [Latin American companies registered in the U.S.] anyway. That said, knowledge of the ecosystem or co-investing with someone who has it is key!

What keeps you up at night?

How the hell to change the stats in venture so that more women and underestimated founders get funding. Surprise: we know what to do, but it will take change.

How are you preparing Angel Collective for the end of the pandemic?

Meeting in person with all of us! We live on four continents — so it’s been all virtual until now.

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