KT Rama Rao has been focused on developing the Indian state of Telangana as a global tech powerhouse. His state is home to international offices for tech giants, including Microsoft, Google, Apple, and, most recently, Amazon, which opened its biggest global office in the state capital, Hyderabad.

What’s the biggest opportunity in your country that’s often overlooked?

The world over, India’s technology prowess is recognized but mostly as a low-cost option for outsourcing. Over the past few years, India has developed serious capabilities for original product development and innovation. The cost advantage remains, and, on top of it, India could become a great source for development of new products and solutions.

What’s the most common misconception about India? 

India is, of course, a large country, but it is also a federal country with 28 constituent states. Typically, people gloss over the heterogeneity of the country; the reality is that there are 28 Indias within India, and an international investor should look at which of these 28 is best aligned with its own priorities and work closely with that India.

What was the most important decision of your career? 

I studied business management in the US and was working in an e-commerce firm for close to eight years. However, due to circumstances back home, I decided to return to India and join my father who was leading a political movement. I feel very fortunate since the opportunity to be in public life and make a difference in the lives of millions is far more rewarding.

What keeps you up at night?

One common thing which keeps all world leaders up at night is the challenge of providing good quality jobs to our young population. That is why I am absolutely focused on bringing more tech and industrial investments into our state.

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