Bor Hung Chong is the managing director and head of business development at Nefin Group, a green independent power producer (IPP) offering carbon-neutral technologies and financing solutions in the Asia-Pacific region. Bor Hung graduated from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology with a dual degree in computer engineering and business management.

This interview has been edited for clarity and brevity.

Tell us about the Nefin Group and the work that you do.

Nefin provides carbon neutrality solutions to commercial and industrial customers. We provide green energy solutions to help multinational companies decarbonize their operations. We provide services from early-stage consultancy, technology deployment, project financing to asset management. 

How did you decide to enter the solar energy industry?

I got into the renewable energy industry by chance. When I was in the final year of [my] undergraduate degree, I got a part-time job writing up a business plan for a mobile app startup. The founder of the app had also founded another solar energy startup, which was Nefin. After working in the mobile app business for a year, it was discontinued, so I decided to work at Nefin to try it out. I initially started consulting on a project, before taking on a larger role in the company, helping build the company’s commercial and industrial business. We now cover over eight locations in Asia. 

How do you want to expand and grow Nefin in the coming year?

We started out only providing rooftop solar panels to customers. Now we have transformed into a carbon neutrality solution provider. While rooftop solar can generate 20% of customers’ needs, we are dedicated to supplying 100% of their needs. This means providing a much broader scope of services, including off-site green energy, energy storage, energy efficiency, etc. Expanding Nefin would mean expanding our technical and financial ability to offer these technologies to help out customers, and also expanding to more locations where customers need our services.