Here at Rest of World, we believe that the people on the ground give the clearest view of their own tech ecosystems. So, we make it a habit to keep an eye on all of them: not only the journalists and analysts, but the boisterous business personalities, the viral sensations, and the culturally influential characters. 

As 2023 kicks off, we’re sharing some of our favorite accounts for decoding the tech scenes we operate in, from China to Nigeria to the U.S. Get ahead of the year by following them, too.

Viola Zhou, China reporter

@whyyoutouzhele (Twitter) – An Italy-based Chinese influencer who played a crucial role during the recent protests against Covid-19 lockdowns. His location allows him to publish unfiltered social and political observations, all submitted by Chinese internet users, so it’s a real mirror to their sentiment. 

@mingchikuo (Twitter) – If you love the tech supply chain, follow this veteran analyst in Taiwan for their sharp research on Apple.

@大厂青年 (“Big-Firm Youths”) (WeChat) – Tech workers in China share juicy gossip on this group page.

Alex González Ormerod, Latin America editor

@bloggingsbyboz (Twitter) – Boz’s Twitter feed is often hilarious (see his recent, viral Ideological Map of Latin America). His newsletter’s political-risk analysis, combined with a keen understanding of tech in Latin America, makes him essential reading — along with his Friday list of recommendations, where you’ll often spot Rest of World.

@marwasf (Twitter) – Marwa, a policy manager for digital rights group Access Now, is often a sharp litmus test for hypocrisy across many fields — be it the Moroccan national football team’s pro-Palestine stance, or the contrast between what Big Tech says it wants to do and what it’s actually doing.

@parismarx (Twitter) – A refreshing antidote to a lot of the tech hype on Twitter nowadays — particularly given that Elon keeps popping up on my feed, despite the fact I don’t follow him. Paris’ tweets are great real-time companions to his podcast Tech Won’t Save Us, which pushes back against the latest technological fads with devastating wit. 

Lam Le, Vietnam contributor

Ngo Minh Hieu (Facebook) – Ngo Minh Hieu is an online fraudster turned white-hat hacker, now advisor to the Vietnamese government. Follow for insight into the internet’s underbelly in Southeast Asia.

@chipro (Twitter) – A respected new voice from Vietnam’s younger tech generation. Follow for all things machine-learning and travel. She’s a published author on both, and gives lectures on machine-learning systems at Stanford University. 

Huy Nguyen (Facebook) – A hugely followed researcher who accurately predicts the weather better than the Vietnamese government’s forecasts. When a storm’s coming, traffic flocks to Huy’s Facebook page.

Rui Ma, Ideas columnist

@manyapan (Twitter) – Manya Koetse, because she’s on top of every meme going viral in China.

@molly0xFFF (Twitter) – Developer Molly White is all over Web3 drama, which is the best free entertainment on the internet right now.

David I. Adeleke, Africa editor

@asemota (Twitter) – If you want deeper and more nuanced perspectives on tech in Africa, this is the account to follow. Asemota shares stories and insights that you wouldn’t find on any blog. He’s obviously been around in the Nigerian tech scene for many years (long before it became the “ecosystem” it is today). 

@Carnage4Life (Twitter) – One of my favorite Twitter accounts. He’s perhaps one of the most interesting Web3 skeptics out there, with fascinating opinions on tech. A good balance of information and entertainment, if that’s your kind of thing.

@seyitaylor (Twitter) – If you, like me, have a thing for accounts that know how to have fun while providing you with solid content, then you’ll love this one as well. While some of what he talks about can be esoteric, he brings the much-needed color and flavor into tech commentary.

Sarah Hilton, Asia editor

@konotaromp (Twitter) – Keep up to date with Japan’s leap into the digital age by following the colorful Digital Minister, Kono Taro. He’s adept at playing on Japanese stereotypes around faxes and hanko, along with humanizing a usually faceless bureaucracy.

@yousuck2020 (Twitter) – Yusaku Maezawa, the extravagant Japanese billionaire who pivoted from retail to tech in recent years, and, infamously, bought a $110.5 million Jean-Michel Basquiat painting along the way.

Vicki Turk, Features director

@TeamWatchDog (Twitter, Instagram) – It’s been a big year for open-source intelligence (OSINT) accounts, with players using open-source methods to track conflicts and disruption globally. While a lot of focus has been on Ukraine, Sri Lankan research group Watchdog has a keen eye on the crises in their own country.

Daniela Dib, Latin America reporter

@EMPosts (Twitter) – Eric has long covered Latin America, and is now at the Bloomberg desk reporting on trade, China, and politics in the region. Besides insightful commentary and links to other regional coverage, he often shares colorful snippets of Latin American life and traditions, which give nuance to his coverage.

Adi Renaldi, Indonesia contributor

@DamarJuniarto (Twitter) – Co-founder of digital rights organization SAFEnet, who’s always on the ball on internet freedom issues in Southeast Asia. 

@yesnowavemusic (Instagram, Twitter) – This page is a rarity: a constant stream of new and hidden musical gems from across Southeast Asia. 

Munira Mataher, assistant photo editor

@bhanoob (Instagram) Founder of digital media company Surge Global, Bhanuka’s personal Instagram gives you a behind-the-scenes look at startups and investments with fiery commentary on the Sri Lankan tech sector. 

Itika Punit, India editor 

@iitmadras (Twitter) – The account of one of India’s premium engineering colleges often shares details on the fascinating research work being done at the institute.

@_thejuggernaut (Instagram) – This South Asia-focused publication has very impressive Instagram game, with visuals beautifully suited to the platform.

Naubet Bisenov, Kazakhstan contributor

@BagdatMussin (Twitter) – The Kazakh Minister of Digital Development, Innovations and Aerospace Industry, whose social media savvy makes him one of the government’s most accessible officials.

@qaznews24 (Instagram) – A satirical page — Kazakhstan’s version of The Onion.

@rinat_balgabaev (Instagram) – A Kazakh PR consultant and screenwriter, whose lampoons on political topics often go viral.