We are proud to share that the Society for News Design’s SND44 Annual Creative Competition granted honors to ten Rest of World articles in eight categories, including a Gold and Bronze medal.

Katherine Lee, Rest of World’s former visual & UX designer, was recognized with a Gold medal in the individual Portfolio: Story Page Design category. The judges wrote:

[The portfolio] showcases an excellent and wide range of styles. What’s remarkable is that every individual story feels unique, with no two pieces seeming like they came from the same person. It showcases the designer’s versatility and ability to adapt seamlessly. The imaginative nature of each story shines through, with each piece exuding its own distinct personality. It is incredibly rare to witness a designer fluidly transition between such different styles, making this portfolio all the more remarkable.

“How Chinese citizens use puns to get past internet censors,” was awarded a Bronze medal in the Design: Social Issues category, and an Award of Excellence in the Infographics: Social Issues category. The judges wrote: 

The explanations of the characters in this story were clear and easily understandable, even for those who don’t speak the language. The inclusion of animations added a great touch and enhanced the overall experience. This story stands out as one of the earlier examples that effectively used text as graphics to convey information. The storytelling remains very focused, ensuring that the audience stays engaged and connected throughout the piece.

Articles granted awards of excellence were “In the dark: Seven years, 60 countries, 935 internet shutdowns: How authoritarian regimes found an off switch for dissent” in the Design: Politics category, “Welcome to the Ambaniverse” in the Design: Business, Infographics: Business, and Commissioned Illustration categories, “Inside the world’s biggest tech bazaars” in the Photography Design category, “India’s tech sector has a caste problem” and “An ancient language has defied translation for 100 years. Can AI crack the code?” in the Commissioned Illustration category. 

As a young publication, we’re elated to have our work recognized alongside some of the most esteemed publications and designers working in journalism.

See all the awards here, and in-depth profiles of the winners here.