const greet = () => `Hello World`
class HelloWorld {
    static greet(name = 'World') {
        return `Hello ${name}`

Hello World_

Team news & behind the scenes

Rest of World at 💯

This week, we officially crossed the 100 stories published mark. In just five months since launching Rest of World, we’ve reported stories from the tech front lines in Sudan, Thailand,…

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The Wall Street Journal on Sophie Schmidt’s plans for Rest of World

The founder and CEO of Rest of World spoke to the Journal about our mission and the road ahead for the publication.

Sophie Schmidt, founder and CEO of Rest of World, spoke to The Wall Street Journal about what inspired her to launch this publication and why the work of telling tech…

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“It’s only an edge case if you think you’re the center of the universe”

Rest of World CEO Sophie Schmidt speaks with Paul Ford and the Stack Overflow podcast about the opportunities we miss when we stay in Western tech bubble.

This week, our founder and CEO Sophie Schmidt joined Paul Ford and his co-hosts on the Stack Overflow podcast, a show that covers how software and code are reshaping our…

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A conversation with Anup Kaphle

Our executive editor spoke to Walt Hickey at Numlock about Rest of World and what readers can expect from the publication in coming days.

Rest of World executive editor Anup Kaphle has an interview on Numlock, a daily newsletter that showcases below-the-radar news and stories, on the idea behind the creation of the publication,…

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Introducing the 2020 Rest of World Reporting Fellows

We are delighted to share that Aanu Adeoye, Priscila Bellini, Elia El Habre, Mehr Nadeem, Leo Schwartz, and Zeyi Yang start today as our first reporting fellows.

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Meet our Executive Editor

Anup joins us from the Kathmandu Post, where, as the editor-in-chief, he managed Nepal’s largest English-language newsroom as well as the publication’s digital platforms.

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