One year at Rest of World

One year of Rest of World

Last May, we set out to explore technology and its impact outside the Western bubble. Here’s what happened.

See our favorites

Ten stories, handpicked by our team, that show what Rest of World is all about.

Letter from the editor

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past year, it’s that building something that doesn’t exist, for an audience that’s only emerging, is really hard.”

Then what

Their stories don’t end when our stories do. So we followed up.

We love writers

We’re proud to have commissioned stories from 180 writers across the world this year. Let’s meet some of them.

And photographers, too

Photojournalism is intense and intimate — then a pandemic made it even harder. Here are three of our favorites.

Never read the comments

…but this time, you should. Turns out our readers have the same insightful, irreverent and truly global mindset we do.

Behind the shot

But seriously, how did they do that? Go behind the scenes with Rest of World photography.