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Founding Partner, Intudo Ventures

Eddy Chan, who co-founded Indonesia startup-focused Intudo Ventures in 2017, credits much of his life to serendipity. Working at a bank connected him to PayPal’s founders and led him to become a venture investor with PayPal and Palantir. His studies at Georgetown Law led to a focus on Chinese venture ecosystems back in the early 2000s. Serendipity also led him to a phone call with Patrick Yip, who would become his Indonesian co-founder.

Intudo Ventures’ portfolio includes Xendit, Halodoc, TaniHub Group, Kargo, PasarPolis, BeliMobilGue, and Yummy Corp. In 2021, the firm created the S.E.A. Turtle Fellowship, specifically targeting pulang kampung, returning overseas Indonesians, giving these potential founders entrepreneurial guidance and financial support for their ideas. Growing up between San Francisco and Hsinchu, Taiwan, Chan witnessed the tech ecosystems of both Silicon Valley and Taiwan firsthand.

Chan traditionally spends eight months of the year traveling to speak at different business schools across the U.S., trying to lure U.S.-educated Indonesian talent from schools such as Harvard, MIT, Duke, and Stanford back to Southeast Asia. In fact, one in three Intudo deals are sourced from university or corporate campuses. By building those relationships even before there is business, Chan aims to create a foundation for long-term talent in Indonesia.

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