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Executive Chairman, Wamda Capital

Fadi Ghandour is one of the most influential investors and players in the Middle East and North Africa’s budding startup scene. He is the executive chairman of Wamda Capital, a venture capital firm with a $75 million growth fund that invests in early stage tech startups and builds entrepreneurship ecosystems across the region. Prior to this, Ghandour worked for more than 30 years as the CEO of Aramex, the multinational logistics and delivery company he co-founded way back in 1982 and took public twice. An entrepreneur at heart, Ghandour has always been busy founding, launching, and investing in other companies and nonprofits on the side. After many years in the private sector, Ghandour gives back to his home region through Ruwwad Al-Tanmeya, a community development NGO he founded that supports marginalized communities in Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, and Lebanon.

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