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Chief Regulatory Officer, Bitso

Felipe Vallejo Dabdoub flipped between working in the private and public sectors before landing at Mexico City–based Bitso, where he oversees compliance at one of the first and biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in Latin America. With approximately 3 million users, Bitso’s success is largely attributed to the remittance economy, as well as to Latin America’s large unbanked population, contrasted with its high rate of smartphone adoption. It was also the first fintech to receive a license to operate under Mexico’s 2018 fintech law — the first of its kind in Latin America — in which Vallejo played a key role implementing and ensuring its crypto-friendly nature. Vallejo is also the co-founder of the Blockchain Association of Mexico, which has contributed to the regulation of Mexico’s blockchain sector by educating the population about the technology and setting standards for its safe use.

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