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Co-Founder/CEO, Endeavor Global

For more than a quarter of a century, Linda Rottenburg has been the CEO of Endeavor, a community she co-founded for impact entrepreneurs outside of Silicon Valley that now operates in more than 30 different markets across the world. Feeling at a loose end after graduating from Yale Law School in the 1990s, Rottenberg decided to move to Argentina, where the idea for Endeavor was born, and where she established its first office. It was also in Buenos Aires that an investor she pitched called her a “crazy girl,” an insult she turned into a New York Times bestselling book, Crazy is a Compliment. Thinking bigger is now a philosophy she passes onto the more than 2,000 entrepreneurs she mentors at Endeavor, who collectively raised more than $4 billion in equity capital in 2020, thanks, in part, to the network’s catalyst investment fund for Endeavor-led companies.

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