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Co-Founder/CEO, Breadfast

In 2017, after an economic crisis in Egypt, Mostafa Amin had a major life decision to make. Should he start a company locally or, like many Egyptians, go looking for opportunities abroad? Amin had already tried to launch four companies in Egypt, all of which had failed, but he decided to stay anyway. He and two co-founders ran through several ideas until they stumbled on one that looked very promising: “freshly baked bread delivered to your doorstep every morning, using a mobile app.” Within three seconds of Amin pitching the idea to his wife, she came up with a name for the company: Breadfast, he said in an interview. Today, the Cairo-based Y Combinator alum operates an online store with more than 2,500 products, offering electronics and personal hygiene alongside fresh bread, dairy, meat, and vegetables. Now the company is creating new micro-fulfillment centers, to cut delivery time to as low as 20 minutes, and trying to break into new markets across Africa.

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