Stat of the day

  • 150 million
    Number of TikTok users in the U.S.

    The U.S. government has demanded TikTok’s Chinese owners sell the app, or face a possible ban. In March, lawmakers grilled TikTok chief executive Shou Zi Chew on TikTok’s potential Chinese ties and its influence on teenagers’ health. Chew had previously called on TikTok’s 150 million U.S. users to help defend the app.
    27 March 2023 TikTok
  • 24%
    Nigeria’s food inflation rate in January

    Bulk-shopping WhatsApp groups are becoming vital for middle-class Nigerian families, who spend 56% of their income on food. In January, the food inflation rate in Nigeria was 24%. Across the northern region, where most of the country’s farmlands are located, terrorism and insurgency have largely restricted farming, deepening the food shortage.
    26 March 2023 Rest of World
  • 200 million
    Monthly active users of Chinese social app Xiaohongshu

    Founded in 2013 as a Hong Kong shopping guide, Xiaohongshu has expanded into a community with 200 million monthly active users, who use the app to share life hacks and find out what to buy. They are able to discover products reviewed by their peers — more desirable than those promoted by explicit advertising.
    25 March 2023 Rest of World
  • 200 million
    Number of monthly active users of ByteDance’s video-editing app CapCut

    Besides TikTok, ByteDance’s video-editing tool CapCut, designed to create short videos and memes, has also been topping app store charts. CapCut has more than 200 million monthly active users globally, according to Shanghai-based data tracker Diandian. TikTok has been promoting CapCut to creators.
    24 March 2023 Wall Street Journal
  • 229
    Drop in the number of billionaires in China in 2022

    China lost 229 billionaires in 2022 as the zero-Covid policy, regulatory crackdowns, and property price declines hit the country’s super-rich, according to research platform Hurun Report. Jack Ma, once China’s richest man, saw his net worth drop 32% last year, and ranked eighth among the country’s wealthiest. Tencent founder Pony Ma and ByteDance founder Zhang Yiming ranked second and third, respectively.
    23 March 2023 South China Morning Post