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Stat of the day

  • 200 million
    Monthly active users of Chinese social app Xiaohongshu

    Founded in 2013 as a Hong Kong shopping guide, Xiaohongshu has expanded into a community with 200 million monthly active users, who use the app to share life hacks and find out what to buy. They are able to discover products reviewed by their peers — more desirable than those promoted by explicit advertising.
    25 March 2023 Rest of World
  • 8.5%
    The average transaction cost to remit money to sub-Saharan Africa

    Though transaction costs for remittances to the region are down nearly 10%, they remain the highest in the world. The World Bank estimates that remittances to the region will top $44 billion this year, a $4 billion decrease compared to 2019.
    5 November 2020 Quartz
  • 20
    The number of languages available on Google Lens

    Swahili is the latest language added to the technology, which uses a camera on Android phones to translate and read aloud text. With Swahili added, it’s now accessible to 100 million more people. It was already available in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Korean, Chinese, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Russian, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, and others.
  • $2.5 billion
    Value of iPhones exported from India between April and December 2022

    Apple exported more than $2.5 billion worth of iPhones from India between April and December, nearly twice the value of the gadgets exported during the previous fiscal year. While the bulk of its products are made in China, Apple has spent years trying to diversify its production facilities. The company began assembling its latest iPhone models in India in 2022.
    13 January 2023 Bloomberg
  • 4,000
    The minimum number of digits a QR code can hold

    The squares effectively function like complex bar codes. Encoding info this way allows them to hold more than 200 times as much information as a standard bar code. The tech’s original purpose was to track inventory in factories, like that of Japanese automotive company Denso Wave, which invented the tech in 1994.
    23 August 2021 Wall Street Journal