Licensing and Style Guidelines


Rest of World allows certain articles on our site to be republished by other newsrooms, publications, or other entities. Articles marked “News” or “Reports” that have been live on our site for at least one week may be republished. Features or special projects are not available for republishing at this time.

Nonprofit newsrooms, publications, or other entities may republish articles free of charge; for-profit newsrooms, publications, or other entities may license articles for a one-time fee. In either case, please contact us at to complete an agreement and, in the latter case, learn more about our licensing fee tiers.

Licensing guidelines

Any republished or licensed content must include the following:

  • This tagline at the top of the republished article: “This article was originally published by Rest of World, a nonprofit newsroom covering the effect of technology outside the West.”
  • Either a live link to our site or a written URL for print-only versions.
  • The author’s name clearly credited.


Photography and illustrations created for Rest of World may also be republished or licensed for use with associated articles under the same conditions as above. Photos and illustrations may be used for social postings, print or digital, and in perpetuity with strict adherence to crediting guidelines, and only in association with articles specified under each license. Please contact us, as above, for the licensing fee tiers for each piece of art you are interested in republishing.

Any republished or licensed photographs or illustrations must include the following:

  • Credit line must read “Photography by [name] for Rest of World.”

Please contact us for the licensing fee tiers. 

Social promotion

In any promotion on social platforms or newsletters, our relevant social handle should be tagged. Example: Twitter promotion must tag @restofworld.

Writers and photographers involved in the story should be credited in any social promotion. If they have relevant social accounts, they should be tagged.

To ease cross-promotion, licensing partners must follow our social accounts.